NEW in Mink Vision => Body Score

NEW in Mink Vision => Body Score
The coming period serves as the base for your farms breeding result. All mink breeders know that it is important to bring your animals in optimal condition without stress. Continuous focus on your animals gives the best results. We help you with Mink Vision and our consultancy.
Next to our Weight Module, we now developed a new Module “Body Score”, which you can use in the Mink Vision app and webportal.
Registration and analysis of the Body Score of your animals is very simple. In this article, we explain how you can benefit the coming months from all the features of Mink Vision in the most optimal way.

General advice for the coming period 
Your animals are not machines. So, there is no ideal average weight for your animals. How the animals look (Body Score) and behave is much more important.

a) Weights
Although all mink breeders have experienced the feeling that you thought that your animals were in good condition, but they lost too much weight nevertheless. This can lead to fatalities if a cold front is upcoming. Therefore, we advise to weigh a sample of breeding animals weekly during the conditioning period (in the critical period twice a week). In this way, you can follow closely the effects of your feeding regime and if necessary make the proper adjustments in time.

b) Body Score
To control the condition per animal we have good experiences using labels/cards for indicating skinny and fat animals. Our advice is to start indicating active animals (already after a few days after starting lose weight) with the card for skinny animals. These animals easily lose weight and need more feed. It works better to give them directly a larger feed portion, so they don’t get too skinny, before adjustments are made. Thereafter, also the fat animals can get a card to feed them a smaller feed portion.
We advise to score all animals twice a week before feeding and change the cards when necessary.
To follow the course of the Body Score on your farm, we have developed a new Module “Body Score”.

Use the Mink Vision app to easily register the body score of your breeding animals
You can score the body score of your animals easily with the Mink Vision app. This is a new feature of Mink Vision and therefore you should renew your login once.
Then you select the color and the number of animals you would like to score (we advise to score weekly with quick tempo between 100-150 animals per color). The analysis is available in Mink Vision Webportal.

Weighing of breeding animals
To follow the course of weights in Mink Vision you should register some settings once.
a) Register weight settings 
At Settings-Weights you can indicate for the breeding season 2017 how many females and males you will weigh. We advise to weigh a minimum of 25 females and males per main color-type. Next to this you can consider to weigh more animals when you have different genetic types per color, for example pure DK group vs own group, because they respond sometimes differently on the feeding regime

Feed and mortality
When the right animal numbers have been registered, you can monitor the feed intake and mortality, and compare it with last year and colleagues.

Animal numbers
When the breeding animals have been selected and put in their appropriate place, it is time to register the animal numbers in Mink Vision. This can be done at Settings, New Start Numbers. 
For each animal house you first have to select the color, followed by the animal numbers. When you have multiple color in one animal house, you can split in multiple sections (splitting can be done at Organisation-Settings).