Ampart got inspired at Inspiration360

Ampart got inspired at Inspiration360

On October 4 Ampart attended Inspiration360 at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Inspiring talks were given by Sir Richard Branson, Bear Grylls, Anita Elberse and Al Gore.

They talked about their personal success. We summarized some interesting things for you.

Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group)

He started his career with selling music records via the post, and now owns over 400 companies.

His most memorable quotes of the evening;

“Screw it, let’s do it”

If you see opportunities in the market to start or expand your business: go for it. If your product is better than what’s already out there, people will like to have it. Don’t let yourself be distracted by the competition, believe in your own product.

“Find the best people to work with you”

Collect and find the best people to do the work for you, so you can focus on creating new ideas and business opportunities. Many times he found his new directors already working for the company: they grow from within the company to the management level. He believes that giving your employees confidence that they are fit for the job, will let your business thrive.

Bear Grylls (survival specialist)

Bear Grylls is known for his television shows on Discovery channel where he shows how to survive in nature.

He told us about his travel to the top of the Mount Everest at the age of 23. A 3.5 month journey to get on the top of the world.

 "Successful people aren't extraordinary. They're just giving that extra bit when everyone else is quiting"

Al Gore (former Vice-president of US, and involved in reducing climate change)

He held an inspiring talk to show us that we need to invest in green energy to reduce the carbon footprint. He gave many examples of the force of nature (flooding, tornado's, drought) and how it impacts the world. But he still believes we can turn the tides.